Capitalizing on Web Traffic

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My path taken as a website designer has taken many turns. Things change fast in the Internet – tech world. I still look at web design as an art form, however, websites and blogs serve a purpose – to help entrepreneurs express their niches and drive interested traffic through their sites to make sales. So as a result, my creativity has extended into the arena of strategy as well. Search Engine Optimization is important and I am having fun incorporating wordpress blogs into the plan. Exciting times!

WordPress blogs look great without a lot of fuss, yet you can do creative things with banners and custom CSS programming. The other thing I like about WordPress blogs is clients can be empowered to govern their own content instead of spending large amounts of money having the designer code it. (It’s not fun for the webmaster either).

Also, with WordPress blogs, entrepreneurs can get expanded exposure to traffic though Google searches if it is done right.

I can help people do this. I want to help people build their business, not just their website!


Clients & Projects

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Clients & Projects:

An itemization of professional projects completed follows.


Sage Taylor Kingsley, Owner
2000 to present

o Website design
o Product branding
o Graphic design
o Audio editing
o Technical support
__________________________ & –
Aural Health Systems

Tariq Hamid, President
415. 259. 8039 (in California)
Carson City, NV
1996 – present

o Company logo
o Brochures, pamphlets and corporate stationery
o Golf Yoga Video jacket
o Websites for all company products including: SleepNowCD, StressNotCD, Golf Yoga Video, JetlagCD and Partner Yoga
o Some fulfillment and customer service

Purveyors of Divination Tools and Artwork

Thena MacArthur, Proprietor
Berkeley, CA

o Website for product lines

Virginia Cambour-
Tax & Bookkeeping Services

Virginia Cambour, Enrolled Agent
Albany, CA
2/95 – 12/97

o New logo
o Company stationery, business cards
o Window sign design

Living Tree Community Foods

Jesse Schwartz, Owner
510. 526. 7106
Berkeley, CA
4/94 – 11/97

o Four Food Catalogs; two with full color covers, all with photographic images
o One Historic Fruit Trees Catalog
o Events brochures
o In-house documents, proposals, stationery

Pharmaceutical Companies:
Cardiovascular Concepts/Medtronic-AneuRx ………………….
Coulter Pharmaceutical, Inc. …………………………………………
Target Therapeutics ……………………………………………………..
Applied Immune Sciences …………………………………………….
Liposome Technology, Inc. ……………………………………………
Xoma Corporation …………………………………………………………
Triton Biosciences Inc. (Berlex) ………………………………………
– Cupertino, CA 1995 – 97
– Palo Alto, CA 1994 – 95
– Fremont, CA 1994 – 95
– Mountain View, CA 1991
– Menlo Park, CA 1990 – 91
– Berkeley, CA 1987
– Alameda, CA 1983 – 84

o Case Report Forms for FDA research submissions of data by the above companies. Work included tabs, scientific graphs and diagrams.

Berkeley Art Center

Berkeley, CA
o Full-color retrospective announcement brochure for Sydney Grodin – Painter

JT Ward Realty

Berkeley, CA
5/96 – 5/97
o In-house Macintosh support person
o Brochures, cards, business communications

Lionel Video

Malibu, CA
7/95 & 5/96
o Nine video cover designs for “Global Democracy: The U.N.” series

Native Alaskan & American Indian
Victims of Sexual Abuse

Hayward, CA
o Original artwork designs for logo
o Company stationery, business cards

Native Alliance of Indigenous
Peoples Foundation

San Anselmo, CA
o Original artwork designs for logo
o Company stationery

Nuosphere Productions

San Anselmo, CA
1991 – present
o Original artwork designs for logo
o Company stationery

James Pomerantz – Sitar Player

San Anselmo, CA
o Web page designed, maintained and promoted

Meta Med Data

San Anselmo, CA
o Original artwork designs for logo
o Company stationery

Triune Resources,Inc.

San Anselmo, CA
1991 – present
o Business documents

Planetary Awareness Live

San Anselmo, CA
o Original artwork designs for logo
o Company stationery
o Website developed

The Expeditors

Berkeley, CA
o Original artwork designs for logo
o Brochures, fliers

Christopherson & Graff-Architects

Berkeley-Emeryville, CA
2/96 – 1/99
o New company image presentation
o Stationery, communications, envelopes, business cards

Laser Technologies, Inc.

Pittsburg, CA
o Letterhead, brochures, promotions, fliers

Elaine Winters-Writer, Information/
Instructional Designer

Berkeley, CA
1995 – present
o Graphical components and layout of website
o Business cards
o Custom graphics for greeting cards and other projects

Arts Community Projects

Berkeley Art Center …………………………………………………….
Art Com ………………………………………………………………………
Bonita Cultural Center ………………………………………………….

– Berkeley, CA 9/97
– San Francisco, CA 3/94 – 12/97
– Berkeley, CA Spring 1994
o Artful events fliers and announcements for openings and performances.

The Nature Sounds Society

Oakland, CA
2/91 – 11/99
o All newsletter and publication design and production between 2/94 and 12/97.
o Website.


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Why should I hire this guy?:

• Web page design & development
• Original art
• Branding
• Search Engine Optimization & keywords focus
• Marketing & promotion strategies
• Client empowerment
• Publication design & production expertise
• Photography and photo editing
• Pre-press work & service bureau experience

Life is priceless, so I make the most of it by doing only what I am passionate about. I like challenging and enriching new experiences and working with people to fill their needs. I want clients that I enjoy working with, whose products and service I get excited about.

• Take advantage of my fresh, creative approach to design using photographic skills, fine art, traditional media and computer-generated artwork.
• I have used Macintosh computers since the mid-1980s, the premiere platform for design work.
• Pre-press experience includes use of laser printer, linotronic and firey color photographic printing equipment technology with computer interface. This includes generating four-color separations and photo-ready copy on film and paper.
• Complete catalog design and art direction through production and printing stages.
• Promotional materials development; posters, business materials, product labeling, magazine advertisements, brochures and announcements.
• High level of creativity and originality
• Excellent people skills – high touch approach
• Problem solver in diverse situations
• Sense of humor
• Effective team player
• Loyalty to clients and employers
• Can prioritize and meet deadlines
• Follow through to complete tasks



Projects included:

Website development, maintenance and promotion: Hawkwind,, Native California Network, Nature Sounds Society, SleepNowCD [with secure server online ordering], California Indian Basketweavers Association, Elaine Winters [graphical presentation], James Pomerantz – Sitar Player, GreenZineNet, Planetary Awareness Live.

Catalog design: art direction, layout, editing and production for various product lines: Living Tree Community Foods.

Developing forms and supporting documentation for the recording of data for experimental medical device studies & pharmaceutical trials: Applied Immune Sciences, Cardiovascular Concepts/Medtronic-AneuRx, Coulter Pharmaceutical, Inc., Liposome Technology, Inc., Target Therapeutics, Triton Biosciences Inc., Xoma Corporation.

Logo design and communications materials Development for non-profit organizations, individuals and small businesses:, SleepNowCD, Christopherson & Graff-Architects, Elaine Winters-Writer, Information/Instructional Designer, The Expeditors, JT Ward Realty, Laser Technologies, Inc., Meta Med Data, Native Alaskan & American Indian Victims of Sexual Abuse, Native Alliance of Indigenous Peoples Foundation, Nuosphere Productions, Planetary Awareness Live, Triune Resources, Inc.

Cover design for two video projects and one compact disc:
Global Democracy: The U.N., June 1995 & March 1996 (Lionel Video, Malibu, CA). Golf Yoga Video (Greenpath) and SleepNowCD (Aural Health Systems).

Designed printed publicity for musical and speaking events:
Bonita Cultural Center, ARTCOM and The Berkeley Art Center.

Portfolio of Graphic Design Samples

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Elaine Winters –
Writer, Information/Instructional Designer

February, 1999

To Whom it May Concern:

This is a letter of the highest commendation and recommendation for Mark Goddard. I have worked with Mark for the past four years. He has been invaluable in assisting in the design and development of many projects, for example:
• logos
• stationary
• web sites

His work is always of the highest caliber, on time and on budget. Mark is pleasant to work with and takes both direction and critique very well. He has an unassuming way about him and is in no way arrogant about his many talents. I would recommend Mark for any assignment that requires creativity and attention to detail. Feel free to contact me via e-mail for any additional information you may require.


Elaine Winters

Phone: 510. 843. 0909


Hawkwind Shamanic Creations

January 11, 1999

Mr. Mark Goddard

Dear Mark,

Happy New Year. I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful work you did in designing my website. Numerous customers and colleagues have commented on both the beautiful background artwork and the effective layout of the site. I am excited about the possibilities for the future of Hawkwind as the new century approaches. As any businessman will tell you, the future of selling is the internet, and your outstanding work will keep Hawkwind ready to serve its customers at every level of demand. Thank you again. I look forward to upcoming projects with you.

Thena MacArthur
Hawkwind Shamanic Creations
2-2745 Stuart Street
Berkeley, CA 94705
415. 835. 7612


Aural Health Systems

November 29, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

Mark Goddard has been responsible for a wide range of design services for Aural Health Systems, Nuosphere Productions, Triune Resources Inc. and projects for Greenpath.

He has been the developer and maintenance man for the AHS corporate website, which presents our flagship product, SleepNowCD. Mark also developed the design for our brochures and printed materials, as well as the jacket for the CD itself.

We are both pleased and eternally grateful for his work, both for the quantity and quality.

Thanking you,
Sincerely yours,

Tariq Hamid
President, AHS

P.O. Box 511
San Anselmo, CA 94960

(415) 259-8039


DREAMJOURNEYS: Dreams of Spiritual Awakening

Sage Healing Wolf
Author & Teacher
1678 Shattuck Ave. #275
Berkeley CA 94709
(808) 345-1629

November 20, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to highly recommend Mark Goddard to you as a graphic designer and web site developer. I have viewed his many web sites and appreciate his aesthetic style, as well as impressive technical skills. He developed the website for a friend of mine, Thena MacArthur, who told me she was also very pleased with his work. I have hired him to develop two websites for me and will happily bring my business to Mark again and again.

I can recommend Mark without any reservations, and I know he will be a great asset to any company or individual who hires him.

If I can be of further assistance, feel free to contact me.


Sage Healing Wolf



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“From start to finish – Mark was on-time, and on-budget! He was very easy to work with – always a smile!”
– Elaine Winters – Writer Informational/Instructional Designer

“Mark brings an exceptional blending of artistry and technical expertise to his web design work. I am delighted with the two sites he created for me, both of which feature unique banners/logos, custom created by Mark for my site, as well as seamless integration for e-commerce, mailing list subscriptions and more. Mark is detail-oriented, creative, professional and a pleasure to work with.”
– Sage Taylor Kingsley – Author & Coach

“Beautiful background artwork and effective layout [for my website]… Outstanding.”
– Thena MacArthur, Hawkwind Shamanic Creations

Terms of Service

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1. I set a specific price with clients based on their needs
and let them know approximately how many hours this takes.

2. Special features or additional pages cost extra on the basis of $40/hr.

3. Maintenance is billed at $40/hr.

4. I empower clients to have control of their own sites post design
including content through blog-style pages and provide them with
all username/password (full transparency) info that they need to have control over their Internet presence.

5. If clients are not reasonably satisfied, their funds are returned.