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Capitalizing on Web Traffic

Posted in Blog Messages with tags , , , , , on November 21, 2009 by Running Deer

My path taken as a website designer has taken many turns. Things change fast in the Internet – tech world. I still look at web design as an art form, however, websites and blogs serve a purpose – to help entrepreneurs express their niches and drive interested traffic through their sites to make sales. So as a result, my creativity has extended into the arena of strategy as well. Search Engine Optimization is important and I am having fun incorporating wordpress blogs into the plan. Exciting times!

WordPress blogs look great without a lot of fuss, yet you can do creative things with banners and custom CSS programming. The other thing I like about WordPress blogs is clients can be empowered to govern their own content instead of spending large amounts of money having the designer code it. (It’s not fun for the webmaster either).

Also, with WordPress blogs, entrepreneurs can get expanded exposure to traffic though Google searches if it is done right.

I can help people do this. I want to help people build their business, not just their website!